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Lottery7 is a fantasy gaming app where you can play different types of games and win real money. Playing games in the Lottery7 app is very simple.

How to get a trial bonus in Lottery7

The process is very easy, just follow the steps as follows:

1) First click on the registration.
2) Second provide a mobile number and settle a password, then confirm the password.
3) After registration, you will get the maximum registration bonus for playing games.
4) Professional team provides predictions, and daily income is up to ₹3,000-₹300,000,Come and join us!


Recharge Bonus

Wingo Prediction


1)All members participating in this event must not have the same IP the same email address and the same phone number as other members /supervisor.
2)The turnover of experience coins is 7 times.
3)The player who received experience coin can withdraw the biggest amount up to 1000 after got winnings .
4、)All arbitrage is prohibited. Lottery7 has the right to freeze the account and has the final right to interpret the activity.

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Our Games

Lottery7 Game's Diverse Game Selection we're thrilled to present our premier games at Lottery7  Game, each crafted to cater to your unique gaming preferences.

• Lottery: Test your fortune in our thrilling lottery, where predicting numbers and colors could lead to rewards.

• Slot Machines: Discover our assortment of slot games, effortless to engage in with abundant opportunities for substantial wins.

• Sports Wagering: Experience the ultimate blend of sports betting and casino excitement.

• Casino Wagering: Compete and triumph in our casino offerings, where strategic thinking and luck merge.

• Card Gaming: Our PVC game is a haven for card game enthusiasts, offering both enjoyment and challenge.

• Fishing Games: Beginner-friendly and combining the fun of fishing with exhilarating casino-style play.

• Mini-Games: From puzzles to sports or casino themes, our array of mini-games caters to all interests.

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